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ISO / IEC 20000

What is ISO / IEC 20000 IT Service Management Standard?

ISO 20000 (formerly known as BS15000 / BS 15000), is the world's first standard for IT service management. The standard specifies a set of inter-related management processes, and is based heavily upon the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework.

ISO20000 consists of

two parts. ISO 20000 Bangalore-1 consists of 10 sections: Scope, Terms and Definitions, Requirements for a Management System, Planning and Implementing Service Management, Planning and Implementing New or Changed Services, Service Delivery Process, Relationship Processes, Resolution Processes, Control Processes, and Release Process

ISO20000-2 provides assistance to organizations that are to be audited against ISO20000-1 or are planning service improvements.

Benefits of ISO 20000 IT Service Management Certification:-

  • Alignment of information technology services and business strategy.
  • Induces competitive advantage by creating a formal framework for service improvement projects which are cost-effective.
  • Supports interchanging of service providers and staff by creation of operational processes.
  • Reduction of risk and thus cost.
  • To increase customer focus and transparency of value provided to the business
  • Enhanced reputation and perception.
  • Creation of a stable framework for both resource training and service management.

How can Lakshy Management Consultant help to get ISO 20000 Certification?

Lakshy Management Consultant is a leading consultancy delivering on the implementation of ISO standards with the highest customer satisfaction to clients on a worldwide scale. Our global team of highly qualified consultants, assessors and auditors are well versed in the implementation and assessment of a whole host of the most widely predominant ISO Standards including ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and BS OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management Systems, ISO 22000:2005 FSMS / HACCP Standard, ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System, ISO / IEC 20000 IT Service Management Standard and many more.

We offer a customized training program on ISO 2000:2005 for

  • ISO 20000 - Implementation and documentation requirements
  • ISO 20000 - Internal Auditor training

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